Cardano Price and Pool Updates

If you have been watching crypto price movement recently, you will notice that the price of Cardano has been stagnant and even dipped a little in the past month. This happened as most other major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum have reached all time highs.

Is the stagnant price of Cardano something to be worried about? If you are a long term investor, not really. Cardano’s fundamentals are still very much sound. Expect the price to pickup again when the projects in development start going live. Realistically speaking, most of these projects will go live in the next 2 years. Just be patient and enjoy the ride.

If you are a speculator or even a day trader however, then Cardano will not look like an attractive investment to you as it has very low volatility. If however, you are looking at long term gains, investing in Cardano now while prices are low, may be a good idea as long as you are willing to wait.

Having said that, remember that these are my personal opinions and none of these are investment advice. Please do your own research and make your own decisions before investing.

In other matters, we have been busy on a project that will bring visibility to Cardano and WISH Pool. As resources are limited, the timeline to launch has been stretched. We will give more updates once the time frames are clearer.

In the meantime, we have proceeded to donate to our adopted charity

Donation for November 2021

WISH Pool is the creator of Cardano SPOT Check, an online resource for Cardano Stake Pool Operators for maintaining their nodes. We are actively helping several Cardano communities and are a recipient of IOG’s second delegation round in 2021. If you like this article, we would greatly appreciate if you delegate your ADA to WISH Pool. You will be earning interest rewards while indirectly helping the lives of disadvantaged children. This is because WISH Pool pledges to give at least 10% of its own profit to educational charities so that successful students can help get their families out of poverty. Let’s help grow the community together!

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