SPO Preparation For Vasil Hard Fork

The Vasil hard fork finally has a fixed date of September 22. This milestone will introduce a lot of new functionality to Cardano. One thing that critics notice is the planned date is 3 months after it was expected to go live in June. As of this writing, more than 80% of Stake Pool OperatorsContinue reading “SPO Preparation For Vasil Hard Fork”

How To Upgrade Offline Nodes

This article is a slight deviation from my other articles as it’s target audience is administrators and stake pool operators as opposed to ordinary users of Cardano. Nevertheless, I decided to release it instead of just having it updated in SPOT Check as I believe it will benefit a lot of SPO’s. I myself neededContinue reading “How To Upgrade Offline Nodes”

Where Is The Economy Headed?

If you look at the news, everyday you see analysts predicting the economy to go down or up. There are valid arguments on both camps most of the time: Geopolitical tension in Ukraine and now Taiwan threaten to destabilise the already weak market. COVID resurgence, Fed easing and rising interest rates, it does look likeContinue reading “Where Is The Economy Headed?”

WISH Pool Updates – Upgrades Galore

The crypto market has been down for quite some time now following the trend of the broader market. Because of this, a lot of projects have stalled or closed down. Here at WISH Pool, we have done the opposite and are taking this market downturn as a perfect opportunity to further strengthen the pool. SomeContinue reading “WISH Pool Updates – Upgrades Galore”

The Mark of Resilient Crypto Projects

Almost everyone is interested in knowing which crypto project will “go to the moon”. And why not as knowing the answer can be the difference between becoming a millionaire and remaining penniless. During a bull market, almost every project looks like a winner as investors are euphoric when the market rises as a whole. ThusContinue reading “The Mark of Resilient Crypto Projects”

8 Things To Do During a Bear Market

For months, analysts have been warning about another crypto crash. Amazingly, the entire crypto market stood its ground. Hacks, failed launches, bugs and FUD only brought temporary setbacks to price movement. Although slightly lower, price remained stable for months. The deceptive stability of crypto price all changed last week due to multiple factors. These downwardContinue reading “8 Things To Do During a Bear Market”

Why You Should Treat Crypto As A Boat

In the last few days, the entire crypto market was rocked by a catastrophic event that hit one of the top stablecoin cryptos (Terra). It was attacked by a malicious actor with lots of resources leading Terra to depeg from the USD. This triggered a mass selloff in the greater crypto market which was alreadyContinue reading “Why You Should Treat Crypto As A Boat”

Buy Cardano Now That Prices Are Low?

The entire crypto market has reached record 1 year lows recently. Is it now time to start buying Cardano again? Short answer is “Yes!” but only if you are in the situations I describe below. Before reading further, please understand that this is not financial advise. Each person should do their own research and applyContinue reading “Buy Cardano Now That Prices Are Low?”

The Cardano Foundation Delegation

Since it’s inception, the Cardano Foundation (CF) delegation was one of the most anticipated events by stake pool operators. This is for good reason as the CF delegation gives 15 million ADA in delegation for 3 months! Last week, the CF delegation has been re-distributed to a whole new set of pools. Just how goodContinue reading “The Cardano Foundation Delegation”

WISH Pool Updates

It has been a fulfilling but tiring few weeks at WISH Pool as we went about improving the pool to make it more resilient and ready for the future. If you are one of our current delegators or are deciding to join us, here is a rundown of what’s been happening at WISH Pool: NewContinue reading “WISH Pool Updates”

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