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Staying Secure When Investing In Crypto

One of the biggest concerns of potential and current crypto owners when investing in cryptocurrencies is security. As a relatively young way to store value, cryptocurrencies do have a way to go before it can be as secure as other financial instruments. However, if you just follow certain tips, you will have a good chanceContinue reading “Staying Secure When Investing In Crypto”

First Cardano Hydra Head Goes Live

Multiple news outlets have announced that Cardano went live with its first Hydra Head. People seem excited about this development but what exactly is it and how does this affect you? Read on to find out What is Hydra There is a more technical explanation in the IOG website but in layman’s terms, Hydra isContinue reading “First Cardano Hydra Head Goes Live”

15 Reasons To Buy Cardano Over Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency in the world. It’s popularity is so strong that a lot of people believe that it is synonymous with cryptocurrency. I have met a lot of people who are surprised when I tell them that there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in circulation and Bitcoin is only one ofContinue reading “15 Reasons To Buy Cardano Over Bitcoin”

Cardano Upgrade Script, Calendar and Writeup

The year 2022,has been eventful. Since our last blog, there has been a lot of activity here at WISH Pool. Check out the article below for some quick updates on what is happening at WISH Pool: 1. Cardano upgrade steps We recently shared a script that we use to perform simple, straightforward upgrades. If youContinue reading “Cardano Upgrade Script, Calendar and Writeup”

How To Stay Safe From Exchange Issues

A lot has happened in the past month to the crypto space. The collapse of the second largest crypto exchange in the world (FTX) will have ramifications which will be felt for months to come. If you are a holder of any cryptocurrency, what should you do? Almost everyone who bought any kind of cryptocurrencyContinue reading “How To Stay Safe From Exchange Issues”

Understanding The Cardano Testnets

In recent months there has been talk about the Cardano Testnet being broken due to a “catastrophic bug”. This brought a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) regarding Cardano especially to those who did not understand the issue. The issue has since been resolved and now Cardano is using multiple Testnet environments for differentContinue reading “Understanding The Cardano Testnets”

Has Crypto Reached The Bottom?

As of this writing, Bitcoin is at 19K, Ethereum is at 1.2K and Cardano is at 39 cents. These are very low price levels that have not been seen in years. Should we now panic and sell all our crypto as it will only get worse? Or is now the time to buy because theContinue reading “Has Crypto Reached The Bottom?”

SPO Preparation For Vasil Hard Fork

The Vasil hard fork finally has a fixed date of September 22. This milestone will introduce a lot of new functionality to Cardano. One thing that critics notice is the planned date is 3 months after it was expected to go live in June. As of this writing, more than 80% of Stake Pool OperatorsContinue reading “SPO Preparation For Vasil Hard Fork”

How To Upgrade Offline Nodes

This article is a slight deviation from my other articles as it’s target audience is administrators and stake pool operators as opposed to ordinary users of Cardano. Nevertheless, I decided to release it instead of just having it updated in SPOT Check as I believe it will benefit a lot of SPO’s. I myself neededContinue reading “How To Upgrade Offline Nodes”

Where Is The Economy Headed?

If you look at the news, everyday you see analysts predicting the economy to go down or up. There are valid arguments on both camps most of the time: Geopolitical tension in Ukraine and now Taiwan threaten to destabilise the already weak market. COVID resurgence, Fed easing and rising interest rates, it does look likeContinue reading “Where Is The Economy Headed?”