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Where Is The Economy Headed?

If you look at the news, everyday you see analysts predicting the economy to go down or up. There are valid arguments on both camps most of the time: Geopolitical tension in Ukraine and now Taiwan threaten to destabilise the already weak market. COVID resurgence, Fed easing and rising interest rates, it does look likeContinue reading “Where Is The Economy Headed?”


8 Things To Do During a Bear Market

For months, analysts have been warning about another crypto crash. Amazingly, the entire crypto market stood its ground. Hacks, failed launches, bugs and FUD only brought temporary setbacks to price movement. Although slightly lower, price remained stable for months. The deceptive stability of crypto price all changed last week due to multiple factors. These downwardContinue reading “8 Things To Do During a Bear Market”

How to Analyze Price Movement

With the start of the year, cryptocurrencies have continued its downward movement which started near the end of last year. Some analysts have again raised the warning that a bear run is starting. While these predictions may eventually become true, what should you do when you hear such news? Read on to find out. 1.Continue reading “How to Analyze Price Movement”