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The Mark of Resilient Crypto Projects

Almost everyone is interested in knowing which crypto project will “go to the moon”. And why not as knowing the answer can be the difference between becoming a millionaire and remaining penniless. During a bull market, almost every project looks like a winner as investors are euphoric when the market rises as a whole. ThusContinue reading “The Mark of Resilient Crypto Projects”


8 Things To Do During a Bear Market

For months, analysts have been warning about another crypto crash. Amazingly, the entire crypto market stood its ground. Hacks, failed launches, bugs and FUD only brought temporary setbacks to price movement. Although slightly lower, price remained stable for months. The deceptive stability of crypto price all changed last week due to multiple factors. These downwardContinue reading “8 Things To Do During a Bear Market”

A Year of Running WISH Pool

A few days ago, WISH Pool celebrated its first birthday. Looking at where the pool is now, we still consider ourselves far from being a very successful pool but at least we are showing signs that we may be on the way there. How did we survive through a year of managing a stake pool?Continue reading “A Year of Running WISH Pool”

WISH Pool Mints Its 100th Block!

Almost exactly 10 months to the day since we went live on Mainnet, we are excited to announce that WISH Pool reached the great milestone of minting it’s 100th block! It took a lot of hard work maintaining the pool from creating the website, blog, SPOTCheck site, social media updates, pool maintenance and updates, andContinue reading “WISH Pool Mints Its 100th Block!”

NFT’s: What are they and what’s their value?

If you have been following recent crypto related news, you may have heard about NFT’s. People have been buying these digital items for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what are they and do they really have any value? Read on to find out more. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which is a unique andContinue reading “NFT’s: What are they and what’s their value?”

Cardano and Pool Updates

It’s been almost a month since smart contracts went live. Since that time, the entire crypto market went down and has since recovered. Cardano had a worldwide summit in late September 2021. The summit introduced the world to hundreds of projects in the Cardano ecosystem. While a lot of these projects are still in itsContinue reading “Cardano and Pool Updates”

SPOT Check Updates: New checks and fixes for SPO’s

Since we created the Cardano SPOT Check site back in April as a useful source of information for stake pool operators, we have received a lot of contact from SPO’s. Some of them have contacted us out of necessity when they found out they missed a block, while others have contacted us to share theirContinue reading “SPOT Check Updates: New checks and fixes for SPO’s”