8 Things To Do During a Bear Market

For months, analysts have been warning about another crypto crash. Amazingly, the entire crypto market stood its ground. Hacks, failed launches, bugs and FUD only brought temporary setbacks to price movement. Although slightly lower, price remained stable for months. The deceptive stability of crypto price all changed last week due to multiple factors. These downwardContinue reading “8 Things To Do During a Bear Market”

The Cardano Foundation Delegation

Since it’s inception, the Cardano Foundation (CF) delegation was one of the most anticipated events by stake pool operators. This is for good reason as the CF delegation gives 15 million ADA in delegation for 3 months! Last week, the CF delegation has been re-distributed to a whole new set of pools. Just how goodContinue reading “The Cardano Foundation Delegation”

WISH Pool Updates

It has been a fulfilling but tiring few weeks at WISH Pool as we went about improving the pool to make it more resilient and ready for the future. If you are one of our current delegators or are deciding to join us, here is a rundown of what’s been happening at WISH Pool: NewContinue reading “WISH Pool Updates”

A Year of Running WISH Pool

A few days ago, WISH Pool celebrated its first birthday. Looking at where the pool is now, we still consider ourselves far from being a very successful pool but at least we are showing signs that we may be on the way there. How did we survive through a year of managing a stake pool?Continue reading “A Year of Running WISH Pool”

WISH Pool Mints Its 100th Block!

Almost exactly 10 months to the day since we went live on Mainnet, we are excited to announce that WISH Pool reached the great milestone of minting it’s 100th block! It took a lot of hard work maintaining the pool from creating the website, blog, SPOTCheck site, social media updates, pool maintenance and updates, andContinue reading “WISH Pool Mints Its 100th Block!”

Cardano Project Announcements

2022 is going to be another breakout year for Cardano with a number of projects announcing major updates this month. This is exciting as it sets the groundwork for the future of the Cardano ecosystem. Here are just some of the latest Cardano project announcements as of yesterday: 1. Sundaeswap ISO to launch on 20thContinue reading “Cardano Project Announcements”

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