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A Year of Running WISH Pool

A few days ago, WISH Pool celebrated its first birthday. Looking at where the pool is now, we still consider ourselves far from being a very successful pool but at least we are showing signs that we may be on the way there. How did we survive through a year of managing a stake pool?Continue reading “A Year of Running WISH Pool”


WISH Pool Mints Its 100th Block!

Almost exactly 10 months to the day since we went live on Mainnet, we are excited to announce that WISH Pool reached the great milestone of minting it’s 100th block! It took a lot of hard work maintaining the pool from creating the website, blog, SPOTCheck site, social media updates, pool maintenance and updates, andContinue reading “WISH Pool Mints Its 100th Block!”

Is Saturation Important When Staking?

In a previous post, I had shared how to quickly decide which pool to stake to by looking at the pool’s Return variables (e.g. return on ADA invested) and by checking if it’s mission (if any) are in line with yours. That was a very simplified method of delegating to get you started. As youContinue reading “Is Saturation Important When Staking?”

We Minted 5 Blocks and Launched SPOT Check!

Epoch 261 is one epic epoch for WISH Pool! 2 major things happened: 1. We Mined 5 Blocks! This was an incredibly happy surprise and has really boosted our morale. 2. We launched Cardano SPOT Check! After weeks of preparation, we launched this website to help stake pool operators ensure that their pools are workingContinue reading “We Minted 5 Blocks and Launched SPOT Check!”

We Minted Our First Block!

Yes! I couldn’t believe it. I was not expecting us to mint a block so soon. After months of research, investment, setup and maintenance, we are finally going to see some rewards! It was a busy work day that I only discovered it a few hours later when I saw all the messages congratulating meContinue reading “We Minted Our First Block!”

837K Stake, Mission Driven Pool Induction

A lot has happened over the past few days so I just wanna quickly share some 2 of the recent highlights: 1. Delegation Reached 837,000 ADA! Thanks to a very generous donor with a 142K wallet, our total live stake has now reached 837K! This has greatly boosted our chances for making a block nextContinue reading “837K Stake, Mission Driven Pool Induction”

Thanks for 700+K ADA Staked To WISH Pool

Staring at the numbers that the WISH Pool has accumulated brings forth a variety of emotion. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have attained this amount of delegation at such a short amount of time without the help of the F2LB Alliance. This is a group of small Cardano SingleContinue reading “Thanks for 700+K ADA Staked To WISH Pool”

First Donation By WISH Pool

Yesterday, I made my first monetary donation to our adopted educational charity (Akaraka). This is to show our commitment to educational scholarships and as thanksgiving to everyone who has delegated to WISH Pool like the F2LB Alliance. Current delegations to WISH Pool now stands at 677K ADA and counting. As I mentioned in my firstContinue reading “First Donation By WISH Pool”