Which Cardano Wallet Should I Use?

This is an update to the article I wrote last year about my recommended wallets at the time. While researching this article, I came across other comparison articles that include Exchanges like Binance and hardware wallets in their comparison of software wallets. To avoid confusion, I will limit this article to software wallets only. AlthoughContinue reading “Which Cardano Wallet Should I Use?”

WISH Pool is Getting Noticed

New Cardano Stake Pool Operators (SPO’s) are usually surprised when they realize that majority of their time is not taken up by the technical aspects of maintaining the pool. Instead, their time is mostly taken up marketing the pool in the hopes of attracting delegators. I’ve seen technical gurus fall by the wayside because theyContinue reading “WISH Pool is Getting Noticed”

NFT’s: What are they and what’s their value?

If you have been following recent crypto related news, you may have heard about NFT’s. People have been buying these digital items for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what are they and do they really have any value? Read on to find out more. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which is a unique andContinue reading “NFT’s: What are they and what’s their value?”

WISH Pool Smashes 50 Block Milestone + Cardano News

Last week, WISH Pool hit its 50th minted block milestone— smashing it in style by minting 6 blocks in the epoch. This week we’re expected to reach 60 blocks. For the past few months, WISH Pool has lowered its margin to 0% to make sure that ALL delegators gets their maximum rewards. This is aContinue reading “WISH Pool Smashes 50 Block Milestone + Cardano News”

Why You Need to Secure Your Cryptocurrencies

The high profile hacking this month of the Poly Network (600 million) and the Liquid Exchange (100 million) has again reminded us to take security seriously when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Despite these high profile hacking however, the price of cryptocurrencies still continues to rise. Now is not the time to give up on cryptoContinue reading “Why You Need to Secure Your Cryptocurrencies”

Is Saturation Important When Staking?

In a previous post, I had shared how to quickly decide which pool to stake to by looking at the pool’s Return variables (e.g. return on ADA invested) and by checking if it’s mission (if any) are in line with yours. That was a very simplified method of delegating to get you started. As youContinue reading “Is Saturation Important When Staking?”

Cardano Updates and Welcome to Delegators

In case you have not heard, there has been a lot of new developments in Cardano development. The following are some of the key updates: 1. Smart Contracts – this is now live in testnet with Alonzo Blue. The Cardano team has announced a staggered rollout onto testnet with an implementation to production mainnet byContinue reading “Cardano Updates and Welcome to Delegators”

When Do I Get My Rewards in Cardano?

You have just delegated your first wallet of Cardano ADA coins to a stake pool. You eagerly anticipate the rewards that are sure to come. You know that the Cardano network will pay you for participating in the network by staking your coins. You wait one day… two days… but still see no change inContinue reading “When Do I Get My Rewards in Cardano?”

We Minted Our First Block!

Yes! I couldn’t believe it. I was not expecting us to mint a block so soon. After months of research, investment, setup and maintenance, we are finally going to see some rewards! It was a busy work day that I only discovered it a few hours later when I saw all the messages congratulating meContinue reading “We Minted Our First Block!”

Which Wallet Application Is Best For Cardano?

Daedalus or Yoroi? The question Cardano users eventually ask. You already bought some Cardano coins (ADA) but they are still sitting at the exchange. You know that the worst thing to do is to leave your coins at the exchange as you lose your voting power, you lose out on staking rewards and you areContinue reading “Which Wallet Application Is Best For Cardano?”

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