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A Year of Running WISH Pool

A few days ago, WISH Pool celebrated its first birthday. Looking at where the pool is now, we still consider ourselves far from being a very successful pool but at least we are showing signs that we may be on the way there.

WISH Pool’s first birthday!

How did we survive through a year of managing a stake pool? For this, we have a lot of people to thank for including:

1. Delegators – first and foremost we thank everyone who chose to stake with us. No matter what reason made you stake to WISH Pool, we thank you for your decision. We look forward to your continued stay with us as the pool keeps growing

2. F2LB – WISH Pool would not have gone beyond Testnet if I wasn’t able to find these group of like minded individuals who gave me the confidence to move ahead. Knowing that you will have a good chance of minting a block every few months through the shared delegation solidified the decision to proceed to Mainnet. Not only that, there were a few member pools who really helped in shared marketing. We may be competitors, but only if we help each other will we all be successful together.

3. IOG – For recognizing our contributions and struggle early in the pool’s life. We were creating informational blogs, infographics, social media updates and even created a site to help SPO maintain their pools but we still had only limited success at that time. Thank you for identifying us as a pool that you would like to succeed by giving us your delegation in 2021.

4. Cardano Foundation – While IOG kept the pool alive by giving us savings to cover our expenses, the CF delegation was the one that may probably help us to be a self-sustainable pool. Having their huge wallet in our pool helped us to improve our statistics and finally attract new delegators. This delegation may leave soon but hopefully by that time, we have enough delegators to mint regular blocks.

5. Other Communities – the Cardano community is an incredibly helpful bunch where you can easily find help on technical issues, marketing, and even moral support. Thanks to the communities from Cardano Mission Driven Pools, XSPO Alliance, Single Pool Alliance, Nasec, and others for the helpful insights or just for the listening ear during times of stress and difficulties.

6. Charities – from the start, we have already planned to support educational charities to help eliminate poverty one student at a time. Unfortunately, it felt as if the Cardano community did not care about charities as delegators were not coming to our pool. Now that a few delegators have come, I would like to think that our support of charities like Akaraka (education), Charis (India COVID response) and UNICEF (Ukraine humanitarian effort) helped to make them decide to stake with WISH Pool.

7. Ardana – we were selected by Ardana in August 2021 to be one of 50 mission driven pools that will help them in their ISPO. The relationship has been mutually beneficial. We appreciate very much that Ardana did not subject us through a humiliating and divisive popularity contest vs other pools. We also appreciate how they listened when we gave suggestions on how the ISPO should be run to protect small pools and maintain decentralization in the ecosystem. Thank you and hoping the ISPO will be a success. For more details on the ISPO which requires delegators to stake by March 31, please refer to this link.

In summary, we are still a growing pool and there will be ups and downs in delegation in the future. We can’t promise the pool will always have millions in delegation. What we can promise is we will continue to support the community through educational materials, community engagement and will actively look for future partnerships that will benefit our delegators. Thank you once again to everyone who helped us reach our first birthday!

WISH Pool is the creator of Cardano SPOT Check, an online resource for Cardano Stake Pool Operators for maintaining their nodes. We are actively helping several Cardano communities and were a recipient of the IOG delegation in 2021 and are currently a recipient of the Cardano Foundation delegation in 2022. If you like this article, we greatly appreciate if you will delegate your ADA to WISH Pool. You will be earning interest rewards while indirectly helping the lives of disadvantaged children. This is because WISH Pool pledges to give at least 10% of its own profit to educational charities so that successful students can help get their families out of poverty. Let’s help grow the community together!


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