Helping Ukraine

The threat of war in the Ukraine became real with the invasion of Russia. In this modern day of diplomacy, it is unthinkable that one country can invade another unprovoked. And yet it has happened.

A lot of people and companies have been affected including Cardano’s very own IOG which has about 15 employees based out of the Ukraine.

Child of war

One of the biggest casualties of war are the children. While adults can take care of themselves during a conflict, this is not the case for children. Children often do not understand what is happening and are traumatised by the violence they see and the difficult living conditions they are suddenly brought into. They suffer unimaginable loss and hardships sometimes losing their main caregivers for good. Thus, it is very important that we step forward and assist in any way we can.

The Ukraine has 7.5 million children affected by the war. The easiest way to help them is by donating to well known charities like UNICEF. While there may be a lot of other charities that will ask for donations, unfortunately some of these charities may turn out to be scams. So to make sure your donations go to the right parties, always use well known charities only.

March Donation

On our part, we have decided to redirect our usual monthly donation from educational charities to UNICEF to help support the children in Ukraine affected by the war. As promised, we have doubled our donation this month in celebration for the arrival of new delegators.

If you would also like to donate to UNICEF for Ukraine, please refer to this link:

WISH Pool is the creator of Cardano SPOT Check, an online resource for Cardano Stake Pool Operators for maintaining their nodes. We are actively helping several Cardano communities and were a recipient of the IOG delegation in 2021 and are currently a recipient of the Cardano Foundation delegation in 2022. If you like this article, we greatly appreciate if you will delegate your ADA to WISH Pool. You will be earning interest rewards while indirectly helping the lives of disadvantaged children. This is because WISH Pool pledges to give at least 10% of its own profit to educational charities so that successful students can help get their families out of poverty. Let’s help grow the community together!

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