SPOT Check Updates: New checks and fixes for SPO’s

Since we created the Cardano SPOT Check site back in April as a useful source of information for stake pool operators, we have received a lot of contact from SPO’s. Some of them have contacted us out of necessity when they found out they missed a block, while others have contacted us to share their own tips for the Cardano community.

Always good to have a friend check your spots 🙂

For privacy reasons, we will never share the names of the people we helped. Some were able to get answers direct from the SPOT Check entries, while others had unique issues that we have not yet encountered. Nevertheless, if a solution is found that is not yet documented, we will add it in SPOT Check to assist SPO’s in the future.

SPOT Check has been growing steadily through contributions by WISH Pool and others. The following are some of the recent updates in SPOT Check:

✓ Leaderlogs – this helps SPO’s to see if they are scheduled to mint blocks. Added links to wrapper scripts by WISH Pool which makes it easier to install and run the cncli tool created by Andrew Westberg [BCSH]. This is useful for SPO’s not running cntools. The wrapper script can run on both Mainnet and Testnet and is menu driven.

✓ File Config Checks – a series of useful commands for checking if you have the correct version of various config files. Some of these commands can even help recreate missing files. Thanks to [ROOT] Pool for sharing the commands that inspired this section.

✓ Block Explorer – a new explorer was added in the useful links which helps search for information in the extended metadata (e.g. location). Thanks to Simon [QCPOL] for sharing this tool they created.

✓ Slow Node Start – pools encountering slow startup of their nodes can check if the recommended solutions can help. Thanks to Chris [HONEY] for providing some of the possible solutions in this section.

✓ Remote Monitoring – more information on remote monitoring has been added including links to Prometheus and Grafana resources from installation to alert configuration. Thanks to Luc [LVLUP] for sharing some of his resources on this topic.

✓ Time Sync Issues – this is an easy issue to fix but if left un-addressed can cause missed blocks. Links on how to install chrony has been provided

✓ Bug Fixes – corrected the syntax of the journalctl command in Advanced checks to use “> filename” format as the “–outfile filename” syntax is no longer correct since a recent Cardano node upgrade.

Again, thanks to all of the SPO’s who reached out to us whether to ask for help or to offer help. We greatly appreciate your trust in us.

With this latest update, all important backlog has been completed. There are some additional tips and tricks let to add but those are not urgent. I had to take a few days leave to complete the updates but if it can help other SPO’s in the future, it is well worth the effort.

If you have any useful things you would like to share to the Cardano community, please feel free to reach out to WISH Pool with a small write up on what you are sharing. The community will be grateful for it.

If you like this article, do consider delegating your ADA to WISH Pool. You will be earning your interest rewards while indirectly helping the lives of disadvantaged children. WISH Pool pledges to give at least 10% of its own profit to educational charities so that successful students can help get their families out of poverty.

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