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We Minted 5 Blocks and Launched SPOT Check!

Epoch 261 is one epic epoch for WISH Pool! 2 major things happened:

1. We Mined 5 Blocks! This was an incredibly happy surprise and has really boosted our morale.

2. We launched Cardano SPOT Check! After weeks of preparation, we launched this website to help stake pool operators ensure that their pools are working properly.

WISH Pool’s epic achievements in Epoch 261!

WISH Pool was able to achieve the above success through the assistance of the collective delegation of the F2LB Alliance. Live stake for the epoch was 844k.

With the breakthrough success during epoch 261 (5 blocks minted and WISH Pool’s release of the Cardano SPOT Check site), we are looking forward to continuing this success.

Now that the F2LB delegation has moved on, we cannot promise that we can mint blocks every epoch (yet) but we do promise the following:

⁃ We will continue to serve the Cardano Community by maintaining the Stake Pool Operator’s helper site (Cardano SPOT Check)

⁃ We will continue with our mission to eliminate poverty by donating to educational charities

⁃ We will Continue maintaining, updating and upgrading WISH Pool whenever required

We now need you to believe in us and delegate to WISH Pool whether or not others have done so already.

We only need a few brave souls to believe in us then others will join too. This will greatly encourage us to continue what we are doing. Thank you!

If you like this article, please consider delegating your ADA to WISH Pool. You will be earning interest rewards while indirectly helping the lives of disadvantaged children. This is because at WISH Pool, we pledge to give at least 10% of our own profit to educational charities so that successful students can help get their families out of poverty.


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