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Eliminating Poverty Through Education

The mission of the Wish Stake Pool is to help families overcome difficulties brought about by poverty. We aim to do this by pledging at least 10% of our profit to charities that help support the educational needs of disadvantaged children. We believe that if a child has proper education, the child can potentially lift his/her family out of poverty in the future.

The first charity we plan to help is Akaraka ( Akaraka gives financial assistance to students so that they can continue their education instead of working to provide for the family. To date, Akaraka has handed out 418 scholarships to deserving students. In addition to scholarships, Akaraka also gives allowance to students for books and pocket money which may not be covered by traditional scholarships.

We chose Akaraka over other charities because I have personally seen their work in action. In 2014, I traveled with a film crew to the Philippines to document the graduation of some of their scholars. I saw these children’s cramped living conditions near areas prone to flooding. I heard their stories about traveling 4 hours each school day to go to school and again on weekends to be able to access the school computers as they cannot afford to buy their own. I have seen the tears of a mother as she relates how hopeful she feels now that her daughter is about to graduate. I saw the grateful tears of a soft spoken father who braved through his shyness and asked us to convey their gratitude to Akaraka. Lastly, I interviewed the students themselves, one of whom already found a job at a financial institution. Despite their situation, they were all filled with joy, gratitude and anticipation of the brighter future in store for them after graduating.

We hope to help other charities in the future once we have the capability to do so. In the meantime, please join us and delegate to the WISH Pool to help eliminate poverty through education. One student at a time.

To view the video that we created for Akaraka, please visit this link:

Write up by Our Better World on the film documentary for Akaraka


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